#Grattitude – Week of April 10th, 2020

Here’s this week’s #Grattitudes – a list of what I’ve enjoyed, appreciated, or discovered:

1. growing green onions at home-

I saw someone on Instagram regrowing their kitchen scraps, and I was inspired to do the same since I’ve been using green onions quite frequently in our meals.

Last week, I trimmed the white parts from a bunch that we got at the supermarket, and placed them in a cup of water.

A week later, this is the result!

I made sure to change out the water daily so that it stays fresh. I’ll cut off what I need when I need it, and then I’ll plant this in some soil for proper nutrients and future regrowth.

2. our 6 year anniversary-

On Sunday Brandon and I headed to Twin Falls for a hike.

When we arrived, it was pouring and the trail was closed. We decided to take a walk in Paia town and stop by Mana Foods (a local supermarket I love to peruse) for some groceries. Brandon made me this mask out of his t-shirt to keep me safe from the virus.

When we got back to our car, I watched him devour some ice cream he picked up at Mana Foods. It’s so fun to watch him enjoy his food.

Then we spent a quiet night at home with a movie in bed and Brandon grilling up some steak for us. On top of this, he wrote me the loveliest letter that I will treasure forever.

3. this delicious bread I made-

I am not a baker (no sourdough bread makin’ over here), but I had a strong craving to make blueberry muffins earlier this week. I decided to go with this keto blueberry bread recipe instead, because the tartness of the lemon really appealed to me. Thankfully we had most of the ingredients at home already, since I make keto banana bread for Brandon on a weekly basis. Wow, this bread really impressed us – especially the lemon glaze! The first night I made it, I had 3 servings, but since then I’ve taken it easy and only reach for it when the sweet tooth kicks in.

4. Tide free & gentle detergent at Costco-

On a recent Costco run, I requested that Brandon pick up this detergent for me, not knowing that Costco doesn’t normally carry it.

After he came home with it, I hopped on Instagram and saw that this is a new item to Costco! I was so thankful for the timing of it.

While I love the cleaning power and scent of regular Tide, I prefer to have a fragrance-free, sensitive skin version for my bath towels, underwear, and bed linens.

I’m over the natural stuff like Nellie’s and Charlie’s Soap – they just don’t do the best cleaning job by my standards.

5. a relaxing activity-

I wanted to read the Bible, but I didn’t want to actually sit there and read it, so I decided to pull up my Bible app and have it read a few chapters to me.

While I was listening, I grabbed my box of fancy face cotton pads my cousin Jasmine gave me years ago, and cut them into fourths.

I’ve always thought that using a whole cotton pad with toner was so wasteful – not just for the pad, but the amount of product it soaks up. I also find cutting paper (especially felt!) particularly soothing, so this was an activity I was happy to finally get around to doing… instead of waiting for the moment that the stash I keep in my medicine cabinet runs out and I’m annoyed at myself.

Now I have these for months to come, yay!

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