#Grattitude – Week of April 17, 2020

Here’s this week’s #Grattitudes – a list of what I’ve enjoyed, appreciated, or discovered:

1. after lunch beach walks-

A few times this past week, Brandon and I went to the beach for a stroll. Here on Maui, we aren’t allowed to sunbathe or stay in one spot, but we’re allowed to take walks or go for a swim.

I’ve been loving this because it’s the one time I feel completely disconnected from technology. My phone stays at home when we go to the beach. This means no stopping to take photos either, and instead I get to enjoy everything as it is in the present moment. 

2. Modern Love on Amazon Prime-

I didn’t realize this show is a spinoff of the NPR’s Modern Love podcast!

I used to listen to this podcast regularly on my commutes to and from work when I lived in Korea. It covers different stories of love between people – not just romantic ones. 

While watching the first episode about the unexpected relationship with the doorman, I kept thinking about how familiar the story sounded.. turns out it was one I’d listened to years ago. Each episode is a separate story, with a different cast. I recommend giving the first episode a try (I cried), and then continuing from there if it suits your fancy.

3. journaling-

I started stream of consciousness writing again. But instead of doing the traditional 3 pages (like Morning Pages), I write one a day in my Moleskine.

It’s much more approachable this way since I’ve gotten out of the daily long-form journaling habit. I want to look back one day and remember what it was like to live through this pandemic.

I’ve also been inspired by Andrea Sanders’ Instagram (@spaceandpause). She shares her journaling process and mindfulness practices. Last weekend, she hosted a 3-day journaling activity that I participated in, and that was really fun.

My favorite one was jotting down tweet-sized memories with some accompanying doodles. When I flip to my entry from that day, I get to see little snippets of what April 10th was like. I enjoyed it so much that I repeated the process the very next day. 

4. homemade ranch dressing-

I followed this recipe to make ranch dressing for a chicken bacon casserole. With what was left over of the dressing, I used it as a dip with celery and carrots.

Two nights ago, I made a little veggie plate for Brandon as a late night snack, and he kept saying how much he loves the dressing and that it’s better than the sugar-added store bought ones.

I have to agree! This one’s very light and just the right amount of creamy. I did find it a little heavy on the garlic so I will adjust the amount in the next batch I make. 

5. guided prayer app-

I discovered the Churchome app earlier this week. It’s basically like a guided meditation app, but they’re guided prayers instead.

The awesome thing is that you can pick a prayer based on what you need in that moment (for example, to feel less anxious, or to increase your confidence..) and the pastor leads you through a quick 5-6 minute prayer. And each session always ends with a prompt to pray for one other person. The sessions are bite-sized but impactful.

I told Brandon about it recently, and he decided to give it a go… and he reported to me that he was bawling from his session.

I like how this app removes the barrier that comes from not having the “right” words to say and therefore thinking it’s not worth moving forward on. In fact, it’s made it so easy for me that when I have pockets of time throughout the day, I look forward to opening it up and spending time in prayer for myself and a plus one.

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