#Grattitude – Week of April 3rd, 2020

Here’s this week’s #Grattitudes – a list of what I’ve enjoyed, appreciated, or discovered:

1. handmade masks from my friend Aundria-

I ordered a set of these beautiful masks from Christy Dawn about a week ago, and they’re supposed to ship out in 2-3 weeks.

In the meantime, I’ve been wearing a bandana-and-hair-tie mask which has been working but at the same time thick and uncomfortable to wear for extended periods of time.

One day I was on Instagram and saw that my friend Aundria posted masks she made, and I commented on it because I thought it was SO cool that she knows how to sew – a skill I desperately wish I had right now! She asked me if I needed one, I told her YES, and she ended up making me 2! She even dropped them off at our front door.

I forgot to snap a photo of me wearing it, but one’s a fun tie dye print, and the other a solid navy blue. 

2. the best landlord ever-

We’ve been feeling extra loved by our landlord during this time. One of the ways has been how caring he’s been about our health and wanting to do what he can to keep us safe. He sent us a link to an air purifier he wants to buy for us, so that we can read through the reviews ourselves and to make sure it’s a good fit (aesthetically) in our home, haha. I’ve always appreciated how thoughtful and detail-oriented he is, and this was just another reminder. 

3. sourdough bread (that I didn’t have to make!)-

I have been thinking about eating sourdough bread ever since the craze started popping up everywhere on Instagram, but I knew for CERTAIN that I would never attempt to bake it myself.

So when my friend Karley posted a photo of a fresh loaf that she purchased from her friend Isaac, I was all in. I waited 2 days to get my loaf, AND he delivered it to us. I… ate a third of the loaf immediately so I probably won’t be getting anymore ????.

Brandon doesn’t eat bread when he’s dieting, and I have very little self control right now. But all in all, I finally got my fix for 2020!

4. a new recipe I tried-

I’ve been on a roll with trying 2 new recipes every week, and this is one of the dishes I made this week: garlic butter chicken thighs and mushrooms. 

I cooked it in my Le Creuset braiser, brought it straight to our dining table, and we ate it hot off the pot. The author of the recipe says cilantro is optional, but I say cilantro is never optional – it’s always a necessity.

Brandon LOVED this dish. I was a huge fan of the mushrooms and the sauce! I wasn’t crazy about the chicken… it tasted very chicken-y (maybe slightly gamey?) to me for some reason. I was slurping up the sauce like it was soup, and we ended up finishing the whole pot in one sitting. 

5. a variety of fruit-

I’ve been craving all sorts of fruit lately (I rarely ate any when I was on a keto diet).. so yesterday when I walked into my favorite local supermarket to pick up 1 onion, I got very distracted by ALL THE FRUIT and walked out with more than I planned to buy: a tangelo (a hybrid of the tangerine + grapefruit.. I don’t think I’ve ever had one before), a blood orange (I’ve only had beverages with this flavor, not the actually fruit), kiwis (it’s been ages since I’ve eaten these), and 2 grapefruits (I’ve forgotten how delicious they can be when they’re ripe). The lemons and the “regular” orange in the photo are fruit we already had at home.

I love looking at this basket – the colors! and imagining the taste in my mouth after deciding what I want to eat (and sticking them in the fridge overnight) make me so happy! I keep glancing over at the fruit basket now as I’m writing this and I keep wondering why I’d want to eat candy when I can have all of this.

Not pictured but I’ve been really into blueberries lately too (they’re in the fridge). 

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