#Grattitude – Week of Aug 16th, 2019

Here’s this week’s #Grattitudes – a list of what I’ve enjoyed, appreciated, or discovered:

1. my upgraded workspace-

I got a real desk!

For over a year I’ve been working from either our dining table or the makeshift “desk” that was really a console table in our bedroom. The height of the console table was always a bit too high, and I could only work on it for so long before I felt uncomfortable.

I am obsessed with my new desk! I love that I have 3 drawers now: the one on the left houses my “before bed essentials” like my reading light, my Five Minute Journal, hand cream.. along with a few other things. The center drawer holds all of my makeup products in neat little trays (this drawer’s my favorite!) The one on the right contains some frequently used office supplies.

Since creating this new space, I’ve been feeling more motivated and collected and SO so grateful for a corner in our home that’s all mine.

2. lessons learned from my Five Minute Journal-

I finally sat down to film a video that I have been thinking about for many, many months.

After flipping through a journal I completed earlier this year, I took notice of a couple of things I wanted to share: certain themes on repeat that I kept writing about over and over again (things that brought me joy or brought on stress), and areas of my life I wanted to improve on. As I flipped through my Five Minute Journal, I started writing down what I’ve learned about myself through this practice, and I wanted to make a video on it.. so I did! 

You can watch it here if you’d like.

3. no more stinky dish sponges????????-

In my July Empties video, I mentioned how bath loofahs gross me out and how I refuse to buy them anymore. A lovely viewer named Julia left a comment saying that she agrees with me, and shared that she uses Swedish dishcloths to wash dishes in place of dish sponges. That got me thinking that I also strongly dislike the way my dish sponges smell, no matter how often I disinfect them with vinegar/replace them.

I have seen Swedish dishcloths in person before, and I always thought they were just meant to replace paper towels.. I would’ve never thought to use them to wash dishes!

So after reading Julia’s comment, I ordered this set of Swedish dishcloths. It’s been about a week since I’ve been using my first one, and I am pleased with it so far.

After wetting it and adding dish soap, I fold it twice to make a small square, and it does such a good job in cutting through grease. My pans and spatula don’t feel greasy after rinsing them (with a dish sponge, I had to rinse & repeat a couple of times to remove things like bacon grease). It’s so easy to wash and dry after use, and every night before bed I pop it into the microwave for 90 seconds (while damp) to disinfect it. I also have a routine of sniffing it every night, and so far, it smells like n o t h i n g.. just the way I like it 🙂

4. this plate-

These days I’ve been using this camping plate I bought when we lived in Korea. I think it’s meant for a child because it’s damn small, but I love it because when I place the portions I’m supposed to eat on it, it creates the illusion that I’m eating a lot of food (look at my egg whites! they can barely fit in their designated spot!) I also like that it has divided sections so the bacon grease doesn’t touch my grapes. Plus I’ve always had a thing for bento boxes/school lunch trays/airplane food (not the taste, but the presentation).

It tickles my high Orderliness and makes me a very happy camper(!), ha.

5. DIY electronics cleaner-

1 part filtered water, 1 part rubbing alcohol.

I keep a small bottle in our living room to wipe down our phones and the TV. I use it with a microfiber cloth and it performs really well – no need to buy overpriced electronic cleaners!

I recently made another bottle of it to keep at my desk (pictured above) and I use it to wipe down my computer monitor, laptop, and the mirror on my desk. Lovely.

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