#Grattitude – Week of Aug 23rd, 2019

1. an Instagram post that cracked me up- 

When I saw this post first thing in the morning yesterday, I cackled out loud. Can you relate to this, too?! ????????‍♀️I’m often guilty of overpacking underwear! 

2. Charisma on Command-

This is a fantastic YouTube channel (Brandon and I are huge fans).

The guys behind this channel reference movie scenes and celebrity interviews to highlight what makes someone charming (like Emilia Clarke in How to Be Charming Without Trying).. and what makes someone not so enjoyable (like Brie Larson in 5 Common Habits That Make People Instantly Dislike You). 

The one with Oprah is a long-time favorite of mine… because she is goals.

This week, I watched the video called 5 Mindsets That Boost Your Confidence, featuring Avengers Endgame (contains spoilers). Maybe it’s because I’m currently going through many of the internal struggles discussed in the video, but the one that really hit home is Captain America’s (who is also a Rogers and possibly an Enneagram Type 2?!) The part about self-forgiveness and extending compassion to myself is something I’m constantly working on. 

Based on the video, which character do you relate to most?

3. thank you for making this happen-

My first official monthly #Grattitude video – if you were one of the lovely people who took the time to reply to my email with a resounding “YES!”, I made this for you!

I appreciate you, and the time you took to give me feedback.

4. snack we’ve been loving-

Brandon and I discovered these chips on a whim, and we have fallen in love. I have not seen it in person outside of the local store we found it in, and according to the one review on Amazon, this is a rare find. 

5. this magnetic bookmark-

love magnetic bookmarks. Unlike a standard bookmark, there’s no risk of it falling out when I toss a book into my bag.

I love the color of this one and the functionality of it.. my only wish is that there is an Imperial version of it because I am an American and still not 100% comfortable with measuring things in centimeters, haha.

I will definitely be buying more of these in the future.

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