#Grattitude – Week of Aug 9th, 2019

Here’s this week’s #Grattitudes – a list of what I’ve enjoyed, appreciated, or discovered:

1. product I’m really into-

Sometimes I crave a bright red matte lip, and I’ve definitely been in this phase for the past couple of weeks.

One of my favorite red lip products, and the one I’ve been wearing most frequently these days, is Sephora’s Cream Lip Stain in Always Red.

I’ve had mine for over a year now, and it’s still one of my favorite purchases, especially for the price. I always make sure my lips are well exfoliated before application, and I’ll put on a light layer of lip balm while I do the rest of my makeup. As a last step, I apply this lip product and While Sephora advertises it as something you can put on and there’s “no need to reapply or touch up throughout the day,” I don’t find this to be entirely true. Yes, it’s pretty long lasting, but it wouldn’t survive my eating a burger.

Just wanted to give you a heads up in case you decide to check it out!

2. show I’ve been enjoying-

Before getting on my flight from Oahu to Maui last week, I wanted to watch something on my phone without using my data. I went into the Netflix app and saw that I had 2 episodes of the show I’m Sorry downloaded on my phone. I had no recollection of when/why I downloaded this show, or what it was about.

Here’s the description of the show according to Netflix: “Life is a series of awkward situations for comedy writer and mom, Andrea, thanks to plenty of neuroses and a knack for sticking her foot in her mouth.”

At the beginning of the second episode (S1E2: Racist Daughter), Andrea has a conversation with her husband before bed that cracked me up because it is soooo something I would involve Brandon in. I ended up showing this part to him and we had a good laugh about it.

I think I was hooked after the second episode, and now it’s my favorite thing to watch while I put on makeup. Based on my quick research, I learned that the main character Andrea plays an exaggerated version of her real-life self. I think the humor is so real and relatable that I often forget I’m watching a TV show. The jokes can be crude sometimes (which I appreciate!) but it may not be for everyone, haha.  

3. using up products-

Since returning to filming monthly Empties videos again, a renewed excitement has sparked in me to examine my products and see which ones are nearing the end of their lives so I could use them up. I started pulling out skincare products that are close to empty, and making it a priority to use them up first before opening up new ones.

Because of my dedication to this, it’s only the first week of August and I already have 8 empty products to review/share with you at the end of this month! This has also made me a more conscious consumer. I have a mile long list of wishlist items, but next to most of them I have conditions written down.

For example, there is a cleanser I am itching to purchase, but I want to finish up the ones in my collection first, so I made note of that in there. Doing this is helping me enjoy and appreciate what I have NOW, while still looking forward to what I may have in the future.

4. progress not perfection-

I wanted to share my weight loss graph with you as a reminder that weight loss is NOT linear, and the number on the scale isn’t the end all be all. (Note: the only reason I have a weight goal of 117# here is because the app I’m using made me enter one, and I calculated the # based on the body fat % I want to be at. With that said, if I can be at my goal of 18% body fat and weigh more on the scale, I am happy with that.)

My goal is not to be thin for thin’s sake. I want my body to be a reflection of how I am taking care of me from the inside out. Shown here are the ups and downs of my progress since starting this journey on June 22.

As you can see, I fell off the wagon a bit during the week of July 4th. I was initially SO annoyed at myself and old Jenn would’ve thrown in the towel, but I decided to ease up and just make a slightly better decision when it came to my next meal. And then I did that again for the meal after that. And then days later, I had Burger King and many pickleback shots that I really enjoyed, haha no regrets! And then I cleaned up my diet the next day, and continued to do so for almost a full week. 

This process is teaching me that every meal is a chance to reset, and another opportunity to practice not hating myself. And I am pleasantly surprised to keep learning that I am mentally stronger than I often give myself credit for.   

5. video idea I’m considering-

Sometimes when I am writing these weekly emails, I wish you were just right in front of me, so I could just hold up whatever thing it is I’m excited about and show you directly.

It’s in these moments that I wish these emails were in video form, and I did experiment with that not too long ago in the video 5 Things I’ve Been Loving | #Grattitude. But then I thought… what if this was a regular thing? What if I made a video once a month on YouTube sharing 5 things I’ve really enjoyed that month? And they would be 5 things that I have not shared in an email.

The thought of this is exciting to me, because it reminds me of my old #Grattitude videos from 2016. What do you think? Should I do it? Leave me a comment and let me know. 

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