#Grattitude – Week of Dec 20th, 2019

Before I share what I was grateful for this week, I have 2 updates for you..

1. Pausing my Live with #Grattitude series

After much reflection, one of the goals I’ve set for myself in 2020 is to really grow my YouTube channel. 

While this series has breathed IMMENSE life into me and was exactly what I needed to get excited about YouTube again, this type of content isn’t helping the growth of my channel in terms of watch time and engagement.

And I totally get it… if you’re completely new to my channel, it doesn’t make sense for you to watch a 40-minute video where I’m gushing over my friend. I have several episodes already filmed, and instead of a weekly upload, I am considering featuring one guest per month in 2020.

I’ve also gotten several requests to put these episodes in podcast form, and we’re working on it!

2. No newsletter next week.

While we’re in China, I am going to be taking a break from work. This means I won’t be sending out a newsletter next Friday, December 27th. We’ll be back to our regularly scheduled programming the Friday after that (January 3rd). Thanks for your understanding. ????

Here’s this week’s #Grattitudes – a list of what I’ve enjoyed, appreciated, or discovered:

1. making Paulina cry… FINALLY-

On Sunday, my friends and I went out to a really fancy dinner at the Four Seasons to celebrate 4 of their birthdays and Christmas.

One of the December babies is Paulina, who you may be familiar with if you watched this video. Paulina has never cried in front of us, and the ongoing joke is that even though she “can’t” cry, she “feels it inside”.

Well my friends, we finally broke the seal last Sunday, when I gave her her birthday gift. It wasn’t anything extravagant, but it was something I remembered her mentioning in one of our conversations. I did not expect any tears from her, but lo and behold, I looked up and couldn’t believe my eyes! I immediately ran over to her, and a friend of ours captured the moment.

I look like a maniac, but this first picture so perfectly captures the intensity:

2. getting rid of our couch-

I asked our landlord if we could move our couch into his house because (1) we never sit on it and (2) I want more space to do yoga at home. His awesome response was “You know I aim to please!” 

OMG it has been incredible waking up in the morning and being able to stretch and move through a morning flow. It instantly puts me in a better mood. I am so thankful for an understanding and accommodating landlord and having the courage to ask for what I want! (I would show you a picture but our living room is a disaster with trying to pack for China… I’ll have to share it with you another time.)

3. duvet cover for my weighted blanket-

My duvet cover finally arrived!

If you watched my November 2019 Favorites video, you may remember that the gray blanket was coverless. Having a cover has taken the experience of my weighted blanket to another level: it’s way cozier getting under it, the color better suits the vibe of our bedroom, and washing a duvet cover is SO MUCH EASIER than washing a 15-pound blanket. And the best part was that it was free! (We had to leave a review in exchange for a free cover, and a friend of Brandon’s took care of that for us.)

The only con is that it’s so much harder for me to get out of bed now because of how snuggled and cuddled I feel under that thing.. I don’t think I want to go back to a regular blanket ever again.

4. daily practice-

Every night before bed, I fill out my Five Minute Journal.

The last question of the day is “How could I have made today even better?” I haven’t been jiving with this question because even if I’ve had a GREAT day, attempting to answer this always caused me to nitpick at the GREAT day I had.

So for the past week or so, I crossed out that question and replaced it with “2 Things I Love About Myself”. At first, this was an uncomfortable exercise. But now I look forward to it so much because it allows me to run through the day in my head and acknowledge who I am or what I did that makes me so awesome.

Last night, I wrote “I love that I’m so good at finding stuff” because Brandon lost his AirPods a week ago and he was devastated… but I FOUND THEM YESTERDAY! Man, I haven’t seen him that happy in a while. Taking that moment to relive that while I journaled put a huge smile on my face before I hit the sack. Here are a few entries from the past week:

5. Getting ready to see the Wittmans in Shanghai-

We fly out to Shanghai tomorrow to spend Christmas and New Years with some of our favorite people! (If you’re new to my content, Chad and Gail Wittman are our friends/mentors from Korea, and Chad was Brandon’s old boss.)

I am so excited to spend some delicious quality time with them for 13 days, and that I will be forced to detach from my phone because we rarely have internet access at their place. I just know I’m going to come back to Maui feeling inspired and rejuvenated. One of the things I’m looking forward to is hosting a journaling + Vision Board Party for the 4 of us after the kids go to bed… with lots of snacks and alcohol, hehehe.

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