#Grattitude – Week of Feb 14th, 2020

Here’s this week’s #Grattitudes – a list of what I’ve enjoyed, appreciated, or discovered:

disclaimer: I am out of town and did not bring my computer with me so I’m writing this entire email on my phone. And unfortunately the Mailchimp app won’t let me attach photos so I apologize for not having pictures of some of the things I’ve written about ????.

1. late night snack-

A few nights ago I wanted a snack and I was specifically craving something salty, filling, and healthier than potato chips.

All of a sudden I just knew I had to have fried chickpeas(?!).. even though I’m pretty sure it’s something I’d never had before. Luckily, there was a can of garbanzo beans in our pantry that I drained, rinsed, patted down and fried up in olive oil, salt, pepper, and Thai chili powder.

Omg, it was so good. The outside was crispy and the inside tasted like mashed potatoes – mini crispy mashed potato balls! I made it for Brandon the very next morning and he enjoyed it too, saying it would make a great “anju” (in Korean this is like an appetizer/snack served alongside alcohol.)

2. dinner at Sansei- 

I’m currently in Arizona with my sister, and because I wouldn’t be on Maui for Valentine’s Day, Brandon asked if he could take me out to dinner before I left for my trip.

We finally dined at this sushi restaurant in our neighborhood – one we kept putting off for an occasion. Even before we moved to Maui, our friend from Korea, Mike, told us it was his favorite restaurant on Maui which only made it more exciting to me.

Wow, it did not disappoint at all, even though the exterior looks depressing as hell haha. In case you’re interested and because I’m often asked for Maui recommendations and have a hard time thinking of things on the spot, we really enjoyed the Sansei special roll, the 69 roll, the shrimp dynamite, and the yaki-maki sushi roll. 

3. using my Notes app as my travel Five Minute Journal-

To lighten my travel load, I decided not to bring my Five Minute Journal with me. Instead, I am jotting down “3 things I’m grateful for”, “3 things I’m going to do to make the day great” and “3 amazing things that happened today” in my Notes app on my iPhone. Then when I return home, I’ll write everything in my Five Minute Journal so I can have it all in one place for memories’ sake. 

4. travel snacks- 

Because we can’t take fresh fruit through airport security here in Hawaii, I packed 3 packs of the Go Squeeze Apple in my backpack.

Felt a little funny pulling out a kids’ snack on the plane, but it really saved me when I didn’t want plane food. It was still slightly cold from being refrigerated, and somewhat refreshing.

Additionally, I packed some nut butter-filled Clif bars (the chocolate hazelnut one, yum!) that kept me satisfied. 

5. Uniqlo HEATTECH scoop neck long sleeve-

This is one thing I NEVER travel without – even if I’m traveling to somewhere warm. It’s saved me on freezing cold plane rides or chilly hotel rooms/Airbnbs. I only brought one with me this time, thinking I could do laundry if I need, but man I wish I had some more with me. It’s freaking cold here in Arizona! I’ve been wearing it to bed under my sleep shirt, and then under my shirts during the day. It’s literally my second skin right now and I’m so grateful. (P.S. the scoop neck is my favorite because the crew neck peeks through around the collar under certain tops). 

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