#Grattitude – Week of Feb 21st, 2020

Here’s this week’s #Grattitudes – a list of what I’ve enjoyed, appreciated, or discovered:

1. reading fiction-

I borrowed Brandon’s Kindle for my trip to Arizona (I’m still here by the way!) and because I mostly read nonfiction/self-development books when I’m home, I decided to take this time to read for pure entertainment. 

My sister and I spent every morning at a cafe before we’d go hiking and reading there was something I looked forward to daily. I recently finished The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides. I read this psychological thriller in about 3 days!

The book I’m currently reading is Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens and I hope to finish it before this trip comes to an end on Sunday. I’m about 54% in, and so far so good. 

2. getting outdoors +moving our bodies-

Julie and I have been quite active this past week. We’ve either done yoga and/or gone on a hike pretty much every day. I’m grateful for this time together because if it were just up to me, I would be totally fine spending the day indoors.

My sister’s always been more of the outdoorsy, adventurous type and I appreciate that about her each time we hang out in this kind of setting. The weather has been beautiful, and because we’ve mostly gone hiking during the week there haven’t been many people around. It often felt like we had the trails all to ourselves. But I’m not gonna lie – I’m all hiked out and I’m fully enjoying lying in bed writing this email while my sister is out with her friends right now. 🙂

3. restaurant we enjoyed- 

There’s a pizza place called Cibo a few houses down from our Airbnb in Phoenix that really caught us by surprise.

First of all, that neighborhood we stayed in was quiet and residential, and the restaurant just seemed out of place. Second, while the atmosphere looked cozy enough, I am skeptical of finding great pizza outside of NYC.

After yoga one night, we stopped by for dinner out of sheer convenience and we were both wowed. We ordered this roasted vegetables dish and… the quantity! The variety! Some of my favorites were the different types of olives, zucchini, asparagus, eggplant, and carrots. We also got a pepperoni pizza which was delicious! We were most impressed with the crust – crispy and chewy at the same time. It truly is an art when this is perfected. If Julie and I didn’t have an agreement to try a new restaurant for every meal, I would’ve gone back to Cibo a second time.  

4. the gang’s (almost all) here!

Two days ago, we rented a car, drove about 30 minutes to the Scottsdale area, and moved into the house we are staying at with 10 other ladies for my sister’s bachelorette party.

This 6-bedroom house we are staying at is insane!! It’s SO clean and looks ~exactly~ like advertised on Airbnb (I find this to be rare). We have TWO living rooms, a huge kitchen, and a *mini* mini-golf area, heated pool, and hot tub in our backyard. The rest of our guests would have arrived by the time you read this email, which brings the total to 12 ladies.

It’s been fun getting to know my sister’s closest friends, some who I haven’t seen in over ten years, as well as catching up with our cousin Jasmin (I have two cousins named Jasmine/Jasmin btw) who I also haven’t spent proper time with in years! My sister is a big ole introvert and I still can’t believe she has 9 bridesmaids. 

5. homemade dinner- 

On Wednesday night, some of Julie’s friends suggested we make Korean food at home instead of going out to eat. I find it curious but there is an Hmart (a Korean supermarket) here, which I think is random and awesome! They brought home samgyupsahl (pork belly), kimchi, gim (dried seaweed snack), sesame leaves, lettuce, ssamjang (the dip for the wraps), fresh peppers, garlic cloves, soju… basically THE WORKS for a Korean BBQ!

This was soooooo exciting for me because it’s pretty much the only thing I miss about living in Korea. We all worked to put dinner together and when we finally sat down to eat, I swear it immediately became my favorite meal of 2020, haha.

Brandon and I are headed to LA in a couple of weeks and we are so intensely looking forward to eating all the Korean food we can get!!

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