#Grattitude – Week of May 1st, 2020

Here’s this week’s #Grattitudes – a list of what I’ve enjoyed, appreciated, or discovered:

1. I’m pregnant!!!-

It feels so good to finally go public with this news!

My baby girl is due in September :)!

For a long while I wasn’t sure if or when I was going to share the news with the world. It felt so sacred to me, and I was afraid of it being too good to be true.

Since our big reveal, we’ve received so much love from people and I can’t begin to express how joyful Brandon and I feel. (In case you’re wondering, early on in my pregnancy I KNEW it was a girl. I had 1 girl’s name on my heart, and even after looking through 1,000 boy names I felt nothing, haha. We are keeping her name under wraps until she is born.)

2. breaking Brandon’s 3-day fast-

Brandon went on a 3-day fast recently (consuming nothing but water), and when it was finally over, we celebrated with this massive breakfast sandwich I made him! It was such a glorious moment watching him take that first bite ????.

We had praise music going on in the background and we were just jamming out in our seats savoring every bite of our food, giving thanks to our good good Father. 

3. Water Reminder app-

At my last prenatal appointment, the nurse told me that my urine shows that I’m VERY dehydrated and that I need to drink waaaay more water. This was insane news to me because I thought I was doing a pretty good job since I was peeing every 15 or so minutes. I have tried “water reminder” apps in the past and while they always work in the beginning, I end up losing steam and then just deleting it from my phone because it got annoying.

Things are a bit different now. I have all the motivation in the world to stay hydrated for this little Polly Pocket that’s growing inside of me! So for the past 2 weeks, I’ve been drinking the amount I’ve been aiming for. Every time I finish the water in my 32 fl oz. Hydro Flask, I log it in my app before I refill my bottle.

For extra support, my Apple Watch reminds me every hour with the phrase “(Baby Girl’s Name) needs water ????????????????.” As soon as I see this, I drop whatever I’m doing and I drink like my life depends on it, haha. It’s lovely. 

4. favorite meal of the week-

In college, one of my favorite memories is going to my best friend Jes and her family’s backyard barbecues. They would grill clams, Jes would squeeze lemons into a bottle so that you could just pour it onto your clam in its shell, and we’d top it with tabasco before taking our “clam shots”. She and I were talking about this recently and ever since then I’ve been craving clams like nobody’s business.

One afternoon, right after Brandon took a shower and was hopping into bed for a nap, he saw how strong my craving was and offered to take me to Costco right then and there. It was the most exciting drive… that ended in disappointment because they were all out of clams! 

After calling and visiting 5 different places, we finally got some from Safeway on Saturday! It was the perfect way to celebrate our gender reveal.

We were worried that we might’ve bought too much, but there was nothing left at the end of dinner. In fact, it was the rare occasion where I ate faster than Brandon, just so I could have more than him ????. 

5. deep cleaning / asking for help-

One of my big tasks this week was to deep clean the house.

I put it off for about 4 days, and yesterday I finally decided to get to work. Because of my limited mobility, I asked Brandon for his help in pulling out furniture and other heavy items so that I could really get into the deepest corners of our home.

I often feel bad asking for help, but I have been given plenty of opportunities to practice doing so given my current status.

It’s been humbling. He has been so supportive, and I’ll share more on this in next week’s email.

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