#Grattitude week of May 22nd, 2020

1. Korean food care package-

About a month ago, we were chatting with Brandon’s parents and his mom asked me what foods I’ve been craving. I started listing off some of my favorite dishes we used to enjoy in Korea: dwae-ji gukbap (which is a pork soup.. we love this SO much that we spent about $500 to travel to Busan, another city in Korea, to eat it before we moved to Maui) and soondae guk (which is a blood sausage stew, pictured above on the right.)

A few days later, we got a message from his mom saying that there is a package on the way containing these dishes we didn’t even know we could get packaged!

It arrived earlier this week and I honestly lowered my expectations quite a bit so that we wouldn’t get disappointed. But O M G… the soondae guk and dwae-ji gukbap blew our minds!!! I was hoping to make these packets last as long as possible by eating one a week but NOPE, as of yesterday (Thursday), all the soups are gone.

We are VERY impressed! I recommend them if you can get access to them at your local Korean supermarket. 

2. pump for our 32 oz. Dr. Bronner’s-

For the past 2+ years, this has been Brandon’s body wash.

I only started using it recently because I think pregnancy has been making my feet sweaty and sometimes they smell… differently than they used to, haha. I was noticing how heavy and slippery it is to turn this large bottle upside down to dispense the product. We used to have an amber glass bottle that I would refill, but that broke in our shower a while ago, and I’ve been nervous about repurchasing it since.

I was looking into different options when I came across these dispenser pumps (2 for $6) on Amazon that specifically stated that they fit 32 fl oz. bottles. This little addition has made washing easier, and I’m so glad I came across it.

3. receiving my husband’s love-

Jasmine recently recommended I take baths to help with my back pain, and I started looking into epsom salt baths.

I’ve never taken one before, but I knew for certain that I didn’t want to buy any bath salts that contain essential oils because I don’t want that near my lady parts. Brandon offered to pick them up for me, in addition to picking up some food for us that the place he volunteers at was giving out. He also picked up some extra for his “Little Brother”’s family (from the Big Brother Big Sister organization). When he got home, he was on the phone with his Little Brother’s mom, coordinating a time to drop off the food to them.

I overheard him telling her that he went to get the food because it meant one less thing I’d have to do, which meant I could rest and get off of my feet. I had no idea that that’s why he drove the 30-40 minutes to get the food… I just thought he wanted to save us money on a meal. I’m sure that was part of his reasoning, but man, my heart just melted.

So on top of the meal and the giant bag of epsom salt, he also brought home 2 pints of Haagen Dazs ice cream because that’s been my obsession when I want to indulge 🤤.  More on this whole receiving thing later… it’s been a recent theme in my life where I am allowing myself to get loved on without the pressure of trying to earn it.

It’s been life changing to say the least. 

4. Brenna, my pregnancy support angel 👼-

I signed up for a pregnancy support program with my health insurance company.

I was matched with a woman named Brenna, who is a nurse care manager on Oahu. We had our first call over the weekend, and it was such a cool experience. She asked me to walk her through my entire pregnancy, from the day I found out I was pregnant, so that she could take notes and ask me questions along the way. She was such a great listener and very easy to talk to.

As a mom of 6, she shared her experience as well and I felt very taken care of as she engaged with me. She also gave me her number so that I could pretty much text her anytime I had questions.

I think I have her until 8 weeks postpartum, but I think I remember her saying that I could reach out to her beyond that if I need to. In our future calls, she’s going to help me understand more about breastfeeding, since that is something I’m very interested in.

Just a couple days ago, I texted her about an unusual cramp I was feeling and she got back to me right away with questions and suggestions on what I could try to alleviate it.

I can’t believe I have access to a pro like her who seems so thrilled to offer her services to me! 

5. watermelon!-

I rarely buy watermelons because it’s such a hassle to cut it up and play Tetris in our small-ish fridge to make sure they fit in there.

I was spoiled in that I grew up my whole life with them being cut up into perfect little squares, organized neatly in containers (my mom is the QUEEN of food container organization). But after getting a taste during my pregnancy, it has been 100% worth the effort.

Brandon and I have been eating them to the point where we feel like barfing from being SO full (I mean, if you don’t feel immediate regret, did you even have enough 🍉?!) And then we forget all about the pain and do it all over again the next day 😛. We are down to our last container – the huge mason jar pictured above.

Shout out to these mason jars! They’re space efficient and hold a lot. Bought these in Korea and I pretty much have only used them for infrequent watermelon storage.

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