#Grattitude – Week of Nov 1st, 2019

Here’s this week’s #Grattitudes – a list of what I’ve enjoyed, appreciated, or discovered:

1. new AirPods-

After 2 years of heavy use, it was time to replace my AirPods.

I bought my first pair almost exactly 2 years ago around Brandon’s birthday (November 2, 2017). I walked into the Apple store in Korea and walked out with 2 pairs of AirPods – one for him, and one for me. Now we have this new tradition (I’m really enforcing) where I get a present on his birthday every year, forever.

I’m already so thankful that my new AirPods connect to all of my devices without lagging, and the long battery life is everything! I can freely use them for longer periods of time without constantly getting interrupted by the low battery warning.

So Happy Birthday babe, and thank you. Update as of 10/30: Brandon’s new pair has been having connectivity issues, so we decided to return his, he’s going to take my new ones, and we just ordered the new AirPods Pro for me. It’s got the noise cancellation feature(!) which I’m hoping works really well for my coffeeshop work dates!

2. Vision Board Party-

My friend Justine and I originally scheduled a coffee date last Saturday, but we decided to invite a few friends and turn it into a Vision Board Party. It was my first time creating a vision board and I can not believe how in love I am with mine ????.

Justine provided most of the materials, and I was able to source additional magazines from our local library. She lead us through a journaling prompt to prime our minds before we started looking for words/phrases/pictures to represent what we want for our lives (some of the topics included family, community, career, finances, health & fitness.)

I’m planning to share my vision board in an upcoming #Grattitude video. It makes me so happy every time I look at it on my desk, thinking “I made that!”

3. wearing a top knot-

My hair is finally long enough again where I can wear a top knot, and this is something I have been ~patiently~ waiting to do for the last 2 years!

While I enjoyed having short hair, I’ve been longing to be able to put it up into a high bun for working out and on extra hot days. What a simple joy I won’t be taking for granted.

4. repurposing my clothes-

I’ve been wanting a new lightweight sports bra when it suddenly hit me during a meditation (is it just me or do these light bulb moments arrive when we’re not ready? like while getting a massage or taking a shower?) – I have 2 bralettes in my underwear drawer that would be PERFECT for my needs. I don’t wear them daily because I don’t like how they poke out near my collar, but they’d be ideal for a yoga class.

I am saving money by not buying something new AND I get to give what I already own a new purpose. I also have this strappy chambray dress I bought last summer and it’s slightly too big on me now. While I’m not comfortable wearing it outside, it’s perfect for lounging around the house – it’s easy to slip into and I don’t have to make a decision on choosing a top and bottom.

5. LastPass: the password storage system I always wanted-

I’ve been telling myself that I should change my passwords for all of my log-ins but the thing that always stopped me was not having a place to store all of this safely. 

Not anymore!

Brandon introduced me to LastPass, and it’s my personal vault to safely collect all of my personal information. One of my favorite features is the ability to share my login with someone, without revealing my password. For example, if I wanted to share my Netflix account with a friend, I can just give her access through LastPass, and she could get into my Netflix without typing in my password (they would just show up as asterisks).

LastPass has also allowed me to choose the really complicated suggested passwords (like h$y29uo*$k400Sq@!) because I no longer have to remember them in my brain now. And no more of that Forgot Password? annoyance!Woohoo! 

If you’re interested in trying out LastPass, here is my referral link (if you sign up through this link, you and I each get a free month of the Premium membership).

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