#Grattitude – Week of Nov 22nd, 2019

Here’s this week’s #Grattitudes – a list of what I’ve enjoyed, appreciated, or discovered:

1. “getting messy”-

Justine came over on Saturday to do laundry, and we ended up spending the whole day together. Brandon, Justine, and I got cozy around our small dining table with our 3 laptops trying to do work but also sneaking in chat time hehe.

Around 6pm, she suggested a field trip to our backyard to enjoy the sunset. Brandon made us drinks (gin + La Croix, pictured above) and we made our way over. But THEN Brandon asked if we should just drive down the street to the beach to really soak it in. I excitedly said yes!

The view was breathtaking, and my phone’s camera did not do it justice. I even sat on the sand in my clean shorts and let the sand get everywhere. WILD, I know. I think Brandon was especially surprised and proud of me for being spontaneous and letting myself get messy.

This experience reminded me of when we were moving out of Korea 2 years ago, our friend Sung Chan’s advice for me was “Jenn, get messy. Let yourself get messy.” I did it! And it felt pretty damn good!

2. “for Jenn Rogers only” coupon-

About a week ago (before the aforementioned trip to the beach), Justine told me how she loves going to the beach at night, to lie on the sand and stare at the stars. She told me that anytime I want to get out of the house or when I’m feeling stressed, I can call her and she will pick me up to take me to the beach.

After our little adventure on Saturday, I told her I’d love to take her up on her offer in the future. After we split up that evening, she sent me this ???????? freakin’ lovely coupon she made

3. flipping through my old bullet journals-

I was in the mood to go through my bullet journal from 2017 and OMG what a trip it was.

I relived so many memories: notes on moving to Maui (even before anything was concrete), planning for my sister Julie’s backpacking trip (the places we’d visit together and the supplies I wanted to get for her in preparation of), mapping out my capsule wardrobes, and my favorite: reading through my gratitude logs (way before I started my Five Minute Journal).

So thankful to my younger self for documenting all of this so I could look back on it today.

4. another sweet reminder-

February 2017’s #Grattitude log caught my eye.

Sean, an old coworker of Brandon’s at Reebok, apparently told him “you have the solution, you’re just looking for the right problem(s).” 

This is evident to me now more than ever before. I’ve been SO proud of my dear husband who’s been working so hard, connecting with people, asking questions and listening to their problems to see how he can help. It seems that he has a meeting with someone new almost every single day and he comes home so excited and hopeful about how he can be of service.

I love finding these little nuggets of encouragement where I least expect it.

5. my brave friends-

On Saturday, our friend Scott came over to film an episode of Live with #Grattitude with me.

In true Scott fashion, he is making sure that I don’t have hair on my face while we film ????????????. He’s a professional photographer and I only recently learned that he used to be a videographer as well! So funny story.. when I asked Scott to do a video with me weeks ago, I later learned that he said yes because he thought I was asking him to assist me with filming. 

When he showed up at our place last weekend, the first thing he said to me was that he was so nervous about being interviewed that his hand was shaking. As someone who’s usually behind the camera, I can understand why he’d be reluctant to be the subject. On top of that he’s a self-proclaimed introvert, even though he’s one of the friendliest and most outgoing people I’ve ever met. I was extra appreciative that he went through with the whole thing, even though he was very uncomfortable. It also made me appreciate all the friends who said yes to bringing Live with #Grattitude to life alongside me.

The other interesting thing I’ve been noticing is how almost every one of my guests has been telling me how brave I am for doing this regularly.. putting myself on the internet and exposing myself to judgement, that is. While they have always conceptually understood what I do on YouTube, I’ve been repeatedly hearing how it’s a totally different game being on the lens-facing side of the camera next to me. 

“Jenn, you’re REALLY brave. I could never do this” is probably my favorite thing to hear because here THEY are, DOING IT, and it’s been an honor to share this experience with them. 

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