#Grattitude – Week of Nov 8th, 2019

Here’s this week’s #Grattitudes – a list of what I’ve enjoyed, appreciated, or discovered:

1. Roselani ice cream-

I often get asked for “Maui recommendations” and this definitely makes the cut.

This haupia (haupia is a coconut-milk based Hawaiian dessert) ice cream is SO GOOD.  

I first tried it earlier this year at the well-known shave ice place, Ululani’s, but wasn’t able to find it in any grocery store until a couple of weeks ago. I think they went through a rebranding somewhat recently and now they’re back on store shelves.

We picked up a tub for Brandon’s birthday and we’re trying to control ourselves but this thing is dangerous to keep in the house ???? Pairs incredibly well with the banana & chocolate chip bread I’ve been baking every week. Please write a note to self to get some if or when you visit our island.

2. my favorite book I’ve read this year-

Two days ago, I finished Brené Brown’s The Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You’re Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are.

My friend Paulina was reading it during our mini Four Seasons getaway and I was immediately intrigued by the title. It was the first piece of Dr. Brown’s work I’ve read, and it did not disappoint. I want to recommend this book to everyone, but I know how personal book recommendations are.. especially one of this nature.

I know it was so magical for me because of the timing of when this book arrived in my life. I do wonder if it would’ve had the same impact if I came across it last year – I highly doubt it. I have pages of notes from this book in my journal, and I’m still letting everything sink in. I’ve even tried to exercise some of her suggested applications and it lead me to a breakthrough during a fight with Brandon. It ended with him telling me how proud of me he is :). 

3. a 21-day meditation challenge with friends-

I was invited to join two of my friends (Justine and Samantha) in a 21-day meditation experience lead by Deepak Chopra.

I’d been meditating on my own for some time now and was happy about doing it alongside others. I have this little (like, really little.. it’s such a tight space, Brandon’s feet dangle over my head when I lie on my mat) setup at the foot of our bed that I’m absolutely in love with. I start and end my days here.

4. sitting with my anger-

Something interesting happened on Wednesday. I was going about my day when I started thinking about my experience living in Korea.

I’ve never publicly shared about it to its fullest extent, but I fucking hated living there majority of the time (I know this isn’t very #grattitudey, forgive me). When I think about it, I think I can actually feel my blood boil. An unspeakable anger. I’m aware that I still carry a victim mentality with me when I think about my time there. To this day I can’t talk about it without crying.

So back to that interesting thing that happened on Wednesday.. normally when I think about my time in Korea, I would become furious and bitter and want to do something to distract myself. But on Wednesday, I had a CRAVING (much like the one I get for salt and vinegar chips) to roll out my yoga mat and just sit with my anger. I wanted to sit and breathe and see what comes up.

It was so interesting to invite all of my messy feelings and memories to come and “be” with me (cheesy, but whatever) to let them know they were welcome. While I haven’t sorted out the resentments or discovered the freedom I know will come one day, I felt oddly at peace.

That’s it.

No mind-blowing breakthrough to share with you.. only that I was compassionate towards my pain and it allowed me to feel more loved by me. I want more of this.

Maybe this is the first part of healing that I’ve been trying to fast forward through. Hopefully I can keep you posted on this. Update: shortly after I wrote this, this photo popped up on my Instagram feed:

5. Brandon’s birthday dinner with friends-

We’ve been waiting for our friends Aundria, Jim, and their son Linc to come back from Disneyland so we could all go out to dinner together and celebrate Brandon’s 35th.

These guys are our family here on Maui and we adore them. Last night we got together and enjoyed delicious Thai food. So grateful to our friend Scott (the wonderful gentleman in the RVCA shirt) who treated all of us to this meal. 

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