#Grattitude – Week of Oct 11th, 2019

We recently came back from an unforgettable getaway at the Four Seasons Resort on the neighboring island of Lanai. Our original plan was to go on a beach camping trip near the resort.. but days before the trip, our friend Aundria (who works at the Four Seasons here on Maui) got some last minute hook-ups for us at the Four Seasons Resort Lanai! 

This trip was incredible not just because of our accommodations, but more so because of the company we were in. At every turn, each of us were just ???? with gratitude, and as much as we were thankful to Aundria for extending her perks to us, I honestly feel like SHE was the one who was the most ecstatic about being able to share it all with us. 

So instead of sharing a list of 5 random things in this week’s email, I want to share 5 moments from our trip I’m truly grateful for:

1. covered by love, quite literally-

Day 1, we came out to the pool to relax. I had one drink and passed out on the beach chair pictured above.

When I finally woke up, I found out that my friends had moved the patio umbrellas around and overlapped them so that I would be perfectly shaded and free of any sunburns. I even heard one of them say something along the lines of “I know Jenn likes to be tan, but she’s gotta do it on her own terms.”

Hahaha! Thanks to them, my skin was protected and I felt SO cared for.

2. my sweet girlfriends-

I can share pretty much anything with these two women, Paulina and Aundria, and I know I am always met with compassion and understanding.

We had some great girl time together while the boys played in the pool. These two have been my support system for the last 5 months – walking with me through all of my growing pains and encouraging me to embrace all of my peculiarities and quirks.

3. solo sunset yoga-

I went to the sunset yoga class on our first night, and no one else showed up so I pretty much received a private lesson from the instructor! The weather was PERFECT and I was in heaven doing yoga, facing the ocean, and getting lost staring up into the sky.

This was special for me because years ago I would’ve never gone to a yoga class by myself. I would’ve done whatever the rest of the group was doing even if it meant missing out on something I might enjoy. This class was the perfect amount of alone time, and I felt fully recharged when it came to spending time with everyone at night.

4. introducing our friends to Codenames-

On our last night, we all met in Aundria and Jim’s room for games.

It was so fun introducing our friends to Codenames and witnessing their enjoyment!

If you’ve never played this game, I highly recommend it. (I just realized we’re playing Cards Against Humanity in the photo above, haha. Eh, not my favorite game.) 

5. this note from Paulina-

On the last morning of our trip, I woke up with painful menstrual cramps and hives on my face (my skin had a bad reaction to a product) and had to skip out on the group activities because I had a hard time getting out of bed.

After I fell back asleep, my friend Paulina dropped off some Advil in a drawstring pouch right outside of our door along with this note that made me tear up.

Before I saw this note, I was feeling ugly physically and emotionally, and she really spoke to the parts of me that needed some tender love.

This little note now lives in the pocket of the Moleskine notebook I’ve been carrying around.

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