#Grattitude – Week of Sept 13th, 2019

1. Going to NY to see my family-

I am writing to you from my phone on the plane right now 🙂

The reason we’re traveling is because Brandon is standing in his friend’s wedding in Philadelphia this weekend.

We couldn’t go to the east coast without stopping by NY to see my family, and so we planned for a quick visit. We only have a couple of days there so unfortunately it doesn’t give us too much time to see everyone we want to see.

One of my priorities for this trip is to help my sister with wedding planning stuff in person (like going to try on dresses with her!) Also I’m so looking forward to eating home-cooked Korean food!!!

 2. Smart Sweets candy-

Two emails ago, I asked for sugar free candy recommendations and a few of you recommended this brand to me. They’re free of sugar alcohols and artificial sweeteners.

I asked Brandon to pick some up on his way home, and he bought one of each kind for me to try. At $3.50 per bag (and these bags are pretty freakin’ small), I was torn.

Before eating them, I wanted to love them so I could justify their price tag. But at the same time, I wanted to dislike them so I wouldn’t want to make it a regular purchase, haha.

Of the ones I tried so far, my favorites are the Peach Rings, Sweet Fish, and the Fruity Gummy Bears! (Brandon really liked the Sour Blast Buddies, but I thought they had a weird aftertaste and I didn’t like how it stuck to my teeth. In this case, I would personally recommend just getting the real Sour Patch Kids.)

I’m very grateful to have gotten to try them thanks to some of you, and for Brandon’s willingness to buy ’em all for me. Just heads up in case you can’t find them at your grocery store- these are only available at GNC and Whole Foods, at least where we live (you could also order them online but they sell them in bulk, and I wasn’t ready to commit to any one flavor without trying them first.) 

2. organic dried mangoes, sugar free!-

This is such an exciting find for me!

Growing up, I absolutely loved the Philippine Brand dried mangoes and ate a ton of it, but I always ended up with a stomachache from all the added sugar.

When I saw this Kirkland brand one at Costco, I checked the ingredients list and was so pleasantly surprised to see that there was only one thing listed there – dried organic mangoes – that’s it! They’re really good.

I wish 1 serving size was more than 1/2 cup, but I’ll happily take it without the stomach cramps! Highly recommend as a dessert or plane snack.  

4. solving a 6 month old mystery-

OMG, this! This is like scratching that one itch on your body where it feeeels like something is tickling your ankle so you keep scratching your ankle, only to find no satisfaction because the itch is actually located in your left shoulder blade because our bodies are weird and fascinating and everything is connected (I’m really hoping you can relate to this, ha).

I recently learned that a skincare product I’ve been using on and off for a while contains an ingredient I’m allergic to. It’s kind of a long story, but the way I stumbled upon this discovery was totally a God thing (the ingredient was listed under its scientific name so I never recognized it all this time.)

About 6 months ago, I experienced a cluster of whiteheads on my chin that was so disgusting to touch and to look at.. and I had no idea what was causing it. I tried to extract them as best as I could (cuz they kept coming back), and then applied more of this product on top to help heal my skin ????????‍♀️. I took a break from it so I could finish up some other products that were expiring soon, and only recently did I start including it in my routine again.

A few days ago, I woke up with the same clusters on my chin, cheek, and between my brows. I thought it was food allergies at first, but upon further investigation it was this product my skin was reacting to.

THANK GOD I was able to connect the dots because I have 3 bottles of this stuff and now the madness can end. It was so satisfying when this mystery was solved, I can’t even express the fullness of my joy with words.  

5. morning beach meditation-

Inspired by two of our friends who make coffee and go to the beach every morning to meditate, Brandon and I decided to give it a go.

We got there around 6:20am and sat for 30 minutes. We did a Headspace meditation together.

It was chilly and wonderful. I hope to make this a somewhat regular thing for us.

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