#Grattitude – Week of Sept 20th, 2019

1. nail polish-

I picked up Jess Hannah’s newest nail polish release in the color Fauna.

I’ve had my eye on it since it first launched, but since it cost around $24 ????to ship to Hawaii, I decided to hold off until I got to NY. I love it, and could see myself wearing it year round.

It reminds me of McDonald’s hot mustard sauce, haha. Also Brandon really wanted to be a part of this photo for some reason so he snuck himself in there. 

2. our family & friends-

I can’t even express how thankful I am to my family and friends for how loving and accommodating they are each and every time we visit.

My parents always pick us up from the airport, no matter what time of day it is, and they are always punctual. They feed us the best food, from home-cooked meals to treating us to our favorite restaurants (like Korean bbq and shabu shabu!)

My sister always gives up her bedroom so Brandon and I can have it, but this time around Brandon had the room to himself, and I slept next to her every night in the living room. Julie and Joe got a car wash so that Brandon and I could have a clean car when we needed it.

When we arrived in NY from Philly, my cousin Jasmine picked us up from Manhattan, fed us Indian food and Korean fried chicken, AND surprised me with another Soogun!

We got to see my best friend Jes’s son, who just turned 1, and I also got to meet my friend Kim’s 7-month old son for the first time!

While we didn’t get to see everyone we wanted to this time, we are so grateful to have gotten the chance to spend even a little bit of time with the ones we did. I always leave NY feeling so blessed, and one day I hope to own a home big enough to pamper our loved ones on Maui ????.

3. my solo date in Philly

On the day of our friends’ wedding (last Saturday), I had plans to spend the morning by myself while Brandon performed groomsmen duties.

I walked around the city visiting thrift shops, boutiques, and stores that sold Japanese stationery and housewares (two I loved are Moon + Arrow and Omoi Zakka Shop.) It was a beautiful sunny and crisp day ????.

I was carrying a backpack in case I did some shopping, and I must’ve been near a college campus or something because I saw a lot of students walking around. Edit: I think I was near the University of Pennsylvania campus. I even felt like I was one of them, and I had all the back-to-school feels.

Something I noticed that day was how from the second I stepped outside of our Airbnb, I kept thinking “I should bring back breakfast for everyone” or “I should ask everyone if they want coffee.” And immediately, I felt like I was taking away from this date I planned with myself.

Upon noticing this, I had to gently remind myself that NO ONE expects me to take care of them. I was free to get lost in the city – on my own – and do whatever it is I wanted to do.

Another thing I noticed was how much yoga has helped me soak up my alone time. One of my favorite things about my yoga practice is knowing that as soon as I step into the studio, I don’t have to be anywhere else and the next X minutes are for me and me only.

I tapped into this on Saturday, and it was BLISSFUL. I even ate at a restaurant by myself which I never, ever do. That morning was so sacred, and I felt so free. I think largely because of this, I was fully charged to dance the night away at the wedding (plus our table was THE MOST FUN ????).

4. Lenny, our Megabus driver-

There was a situation with the Megabuses going from Philly to NYC on Sunday morning, and it was a disaster.

There were 50+ agitated passengers waiting for their scheduled rides that never arrived, AND we didn’t get any notifications from the company itself. When a bus finally came, the driver did not communicate with anyone, which only left all of us more frustrated. He boarded the people who were waiting around the longest while the rest of us stuck around for the next 2 buses.

When the next bus arrived, the driver Lenny got on the phone with someone at HQ (probably) and really took charge of the situation. He boarded the next group of people (which included me and Brandon) without even checking our tickets. He said he trusted us and was really apologetic about our situation.

There was a lot of suitcases to load, and so Brandon got off the bus to ask Lenny if he could help him. Throughout the ride to NY, Lenny kept all of us updated on the traffic status, made jokes that made us LOL IRL, and even played tour guide by telling us when to look out to catch a fantastic view of the NYC skyline.

It was such a pleasant experience, given how crappy it started out. When we got to our final destination, Brandon and I asked Lenny if we could take a picture with him because we wanted to write to Megabus to tell them how amazing he is.

Doesn’t it even look like Lenny and I are buds and Brandon is the one who wanted a selfie with us?! ????

Just the other day, Brandon sent over a lovely email to the company, in hopes that it helps Lenny out in some way. People like him are a gem, and it must be showcased!

5. TSA Pre✓-

I snapped this photo in a hurry and I don’t think it will do the situation justice, but paying for TSA PreCheck last year was one of the best purchases we’ve ever made.

If you’re familiar with the shitshow that is JFK airport, you probably understand what I’m referring to. We got through security in about 3 minutes(!).. no waiting on line, taking off our shoes and light jackets, or taking laptops out of our bags ????????. When we got to our gate we were not even a tad bit sweaty.

TOTALLY worth the $85/pp membership.

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