#Grattitude – Week of Sept 7th, 2019

Here’s this week’s #Grattitudes – a list of what I’ve enjoyed, appreciated, or discovered:

1. reunited with old loves (my Fall/Winter clothes)-

What you see in this photo are all of my fall/winter clothes (jackets and coats not pictured).

I reorganized a part of my wardrobe the other day because I needed space. This required me to bring down all of my long pants from the top shelf of our closet to make sure I still liked each pair that I own.

I’ve always had a deep appreciation for my denim collection (most of them are the bottoms I’ve shown in my old capsule wardrobe videos, so nothing new here), and I was delighted to pull on each pair to see how they fit.

Here’s the fun part: almost all of them fit better than I remembered. Jeans from 8-10 years ago fit my 33 yr old body like a glove! I fell back in love with my own clothes, and I’m glad I invested in pieces that are timeless (to me).

Next week Brandon and I are headed to NY and Philly for a few days for a wedding, and I’m looking forward to packing my colder weather clothes!

2. my essential oils diffuser-

Ever since we moved in to our home on Maui, my essential oil diffuser (the MUJI one I bought in Korea) wouldn’t turn on.

I was convinced something must’ve happened to it while it was in storage/shipment during our travels. Earlier this week I pulled it out of my closet to give it one more go before I tossed it, and it magically decided to start working again!

I’ve been diffusing a mix of peppermint oil and lemon oil before bed and I’m finding it very relaxing. I love the soft light and the sounds it makes. And I’m especially thrilled that I don’t have to spend money to buy a new machine!

3. my new-ish journal-

This is a notebook I started in July, dedicated to everything I’m learning, re-learning, and meditating on.

Unlike my Morning Pages, I flip through these pages often to read all the things I’ve written down. Most are notes to self from books I’m studying, podcasts, snippets of wisdom from Scripture and the Enneagram, and areas I’m working on for personal development (like boundary work #pleasepleasepleasedonttouchmyface).

This notebook is a place where I get to figure out more of who I am, what I want, what I’m doing, and why I do what I do. It’s big, messy, and colorful.. and I absolutely love it. I sit down at my desk and write in it at least once a day, and it brings me much peace and joy.

4. book I’m rereading-

Speaking of boundaries.. I’m rereading Boundaries by Dr. Henry Cloud & Dr. John Townsend.

I first read it in 2016, and it rocked my world. I talked about it in one of my earlier Morning Chats. It’s a fantastic, must-read for everyone. I think this is the book I recommend the most when I’m asked about book recs.

If you’re someone who struggles with saying no to people out of disappointing them or appearing selfish, pleeeeaaasseeee check this book out.

I think many believers struggle with boundaries. Like if we don’t do this or that for someone else, it means we are not “Jesus like” and we’re “terrible, selfish Christians”. This is absolute bull. God wants each and every one of us to have strong boundaries!

I really needed to learn this from a biblical perspective. “God wants us to be compliant from the inside out (compassionate), not compliant on the outside and resentful on the inside (sacrificial)”.

I’m tired of saying yes and exhausting myself emotionally, but there is much hope for us Agreeable people

5. having the difficult conversation with the person who touched my face-

I realize Grattitudes # 3, 4, and 5 are all connected to each other, but they do deserve their own spots this week.

In practicing what I’m learning, I mustered up the courage to have the difficult conversation with someone I don’t know very well. You may have been able to make out a little bit of what happened if you read my journal entry in # 3’s photo: I was the very last person to get a face massage in my yoga class (one I did not want or ask for) and I broke out in hives and painful acne on both sides of my jawline.

Normally all the yoga instructors at my studio ask the class before they go around touching us. This one time though, our instructor must’ve forgotten to ask. My eyes were closed and class was almost over, and all of a sudden I felt hands on my face. I couldn’t stop picturing all the sweaty scalps and other faces that were touched before mine.. not to mention whatever oil she was using to massage my face with.

I had such a hard time with it over the next several days as the breakouts continued to surface. Every time I looked in the mirror or washed my face and felt the bumps, I was raging inside that I didn’t ask this person to stop while it was happening. I didn’t want to reject her mid-act, so I clenched my jaw and told myself it would be over soon.

After days of being f’ing annoyed about it, I reframed this experience as a reminder to speak up for myself.

So the following week, I spoke to this instructor before class. I explained the situation with my sensitive skin, and was careful about making it about me and not about blaming her. And then this wonderful thing happened: this lovely woman apologized and thanked me for letting her know.

This was such a victory for me because I dreaded having this conversation for an entire week! Can you imagine how much relief I felt? Not to mention how proud I was for doing something that made me so uncomfortable. I spoke my truth and no one hated me and no one died.

Whew. I hope me sharing this may serve as an encouragement for you to have the conversation you’ve been putting off out of fear.

You can do it!!

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