#Grattitude – Week of Feb 28th, 2020

Here’s this week’s #Grattitudes – a list of what I’ve enjoyed, appreciated, or discovered:

1. this bamboo toothbrush-

I discovered this toothbrush through a Beauty Heroes discovery in 2019.

I recently brought it with me for travel, and I love that it stands on its own so I don’t have to lay it down on a questionable counter. I also really like the size of the brush head.. it doesn’t make me gag like the popular Brush with Bamboo one, which I find obnoxiously large. Another bonus is how the base of the toothbrushes have different colors so it’s easy to differentiate yours from other family members’/roomies’.

2. hiring a private chef for dinner-

At the brilliant recommendation of my cousin Jasmine (who unfortunately could not attend my sister Julie’s bachelorette party), we hired a private chef to come and cook a 5-course meal for us on Saturday.

We looked through their website at the sample menus, picked out the ones we liked, and then we were able to further customize it (like requesting non-dairy milk, non-dairy ice cream with our dessert, no pork or shellfish due to allergies, etc…) It was such a cool experience!

Chef Steven was extremely likable, and for those of us who were interested in watching him cook, he let us sample/taste his dishes while he was creating them. Dinner was delicious, and the chef along with his server cleaned up the entire kitchen when they were done. We loved being able to dress up and have a fancy dinner in the comfort of our Airbnb, knowing that we could just go right upstairs to bed whenever we wanted.

I would love to do this in the future for other special occasions, like birthdays and anniversaries. Highly recommend. The company we went with is Privato (based in Arizona). 

3. Jasmine and her leaky boobs-

Speaking of Jasmine who couldn’t attend the bachelorette party because she recently had her second child… she texted me last week to ask if we had secured any dinner reservations so that she could surprise Julie with champagne/desserts at the restaurant. Since my sister isn’t much of a drinker, we decided on dessert, and Jasmine gifted us a variety of treats from the dessert menu!

The BEST part of all of this is picturing Jasmine calling the restaurant and requesting to leave a note (which my sister is holding in the photo above – it says Dear Jenn because the reservation was under my name, haha) and I could just imagine her saying “leaky boobs” without the slightest giggle to whoever jotted down this message for her. She is honestly the best.

4. Antelope Canyon-

This place is breathtaking!

I’ve only seen anything like it because of all the photos that people take at the Glossier location in LA (the “Glossier Canyon” inspired by Arizona’s Antelope Canyon, haha.) Thanks to my sister, I got to experience this natural beauty in person alongside her closest friends.

The 4.5 hour drive there was totally worth it, and we had some great conversations on the car ride there as well. 

5. bibim nengmyun on Maui!-

I’ve been craving bibim nengmyun (cold spicy noodles) this entire month, and I can’t believe we finally found it on our island! And it was pretty good!

We’ve only been to 3 Korean restaurants on Maui, and so far this one (O’Hana Karaoke & Grill) has been the best. There’s still one more we need to try, and I’ll have to report back to you. Brandon really enjoyed his stir fry octopus dish as well, and we were impressed with the portions.

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