#Grattitude – Week of March 20th, 2020

Here’s this week’s #Grattitudes – a list of what I’ve enjoyed, appreciated, or discovered:

1. dessert-

Brandon was craving ice cream last week so we went out to the supermarket before things got all crazy.

I picked up this dairy-free mochi ice cream out of curiosity and was pleasantly surprised with the taste! If I didn’t see the packaging, I would’ve thought this was made from cow’s milk. It’s creamy and doesn’t have a weird after taste, and I would purchase this again in the future should I crave pillowy dough.

2. a walk in the neighborhood-

I went for a solo walk on Sunday afternoon to get some fresh air. It was so quiet all I heard were birds and the wind moving through the trees and flowers. I saw a few people sitting/laying out on their lanai’s and reading books. People I’ve never met before would wave and smile at me.

This is still so wonderfully fascinating to me after living in Korea for many years where my neighbors and I never really acknowledged each other. I love the freedom in being able to exchange glances with a stranger, asking how they’re doing, and not feeling like a weirdo. Even with all the crazy shit that’s going on, I’m reminded again how happy I am to be here (America).

3. groceries from a dear friend-

Our friend Jim texted us on Tuesday morning and asked if he could pick up groceries at Costco for us.

While I normally would have refused out of not wanting to inconvenience him, I was in a situation where I needed this help. He delivered the items to our home, and when I asked him how much we owed him, he texted us the amount and slipped in a “Love you guys” at the end of the list.

It just warmed me so much to be loved on like so during a time like this. 

4. canceling my trip to NYC in April-

I was supposed to fly to NYC in ~3 weeks to help prep for my sister’s wedding.

I’ve been anxious about it all month long, thinking about the possible dangers of traveling right now, disappointing my sister in the event that I didn’t feel safe enough to go, etc.. But last week, (I think even before NY officially banned large gatherings) she and her fiancé made the responsible decision to postpone their wedding to next spring.

I’m sure this was a difficult decision for them, but I’m both thankful and proud of her, and I’m told she’s received positive feedback from her guests. 

5. ugly delicious-

I woke up famished at 2am last night (this morning?), and decided to make myself a sad looking sandwich, not even knowing if this was something I really wanted to eat.

Omg it was the most delicious thing ever, and all it had was a slice of rotisserie chicken breast, avocado oil mayo, and mustard on a slice of multi grain bread that I broke in half. When I took the first bite, I had goosebumps, I kid you not! It was that good.

I don’t know if it’s because we pretty much never buy bread for the house and I haven’t made a sandwich at home in years, but I enjoyed it so much that I made another one! Man, the simple things in life really get me sometimes <3.

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