#Grattitude – Week of March 27th, 2020

Here’s this week’s #Grattitudes – a list of what I’ve enjoyed, appreciated, or discovered:

1. my morning routine-

I’ve been savoring my mornings – making breakfast for myself and enjoying the quiet.

My place setting usually consists of my mug of coffee, butter, jam, hot sauce, napkin and utensils, and my toast and eggs.

After I’m done eating, I do the dishes right away, wipe down the table, and do my Bible study. I’m slowly adding yoga at home to this routine, ideally before breakfast.

2. sorting our budget tracker-

Ever since the beginning of this year, I have not prioritized staying on top of our expenses on Mint. As a result, my inbox at home was overflowing with old receipts and the longer I didn’t deal with it, the bigger the pile got, and the more I wanted to keep ignoring it.

After recently revisiting 2019’s expenses (for taxes) and being thankful for everything I tracked, I was motivated to clean up 2020’s transactions so my future self will thank me come next tax season.

This is one of my highlights from this week – I feel so light and organized!

3. Zoom & FaceTime-

I’m sure many of you will agree with me but MAN, video chatting platforms have been such a saving grace during this time!

I’m especially thankful for Zoom & FaceTime which allowed me to host group chats with loved ones. I even got to catch up with old friends I haven’t spoken to in years.

My favorite hang so far has to be the family group one which consisted of my sister + her fiancé, my brother + his fiancé, my cousin Jasmine + her 2 sons, and my cousin Charlie. I’m not sure at what other time all 7 of us would be available at the same exact time to sit around and chat for hours (we live in 3 different time zones).

4. playing my favorite game these days-

It’s called How Long Can I Go Without Washing My Hair? (this post by Ali Wong is SO fitting).

I’ve ALWAYS wanted to play this game, but couldn’t because I’d have to go out into the real world and see real people or film a video that would live on the internet possibly forever. I’ve been fascinated by women who have trained their hair to go 6-7 days without washing and smelling awful. So far my max has been 5 days (I’m still body showering btw) and by the 5th day I definitely WANT to shampoo it.. thoroughly.

Now my scalp produces less oil than it used to, and I’m hoping my ends feel less dry. I’m unsure of the latter, but I think it’s because I’m in desperate need of a trim ( haven’t been to a salon in a year and half). That’s one of the first things I’m going to schedule once we’re no longer on lockdown.

5. note to self (that I actually abided by)-

This is a habit I’ve had for a while: when I start a new notebook/journal, I flip to ~10 pages before the very last page and I leave myself a sticky note there to remind myself to buy a new notebook.

Before I developed this system for myself, I would be halfway into my current notebook and my scarcity mindset would kick in and tell me I’m going to run out of pages soon, which makes every page I write in feel precious, and then I find myself not wanting to use the notebook for fear of “wasting” pages.

Maybe some of you can relate!

I have to admit, even in the past I’ve ignored the sticky note and bought a new notebook when I wasn’t even halfway through my current one… only to find out that I’m no longer interested in the style/color of the new one that’s waiting for me.

THIS TIME though, I patiently waited until I got to page 176, where my current sticky note lives. And at this point I’m sure that I still want the soft cover Moleskine with blank pages that I’ve had my heart set on. And it’s damn satisfying that I was able to delay gratification until today!

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