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 Jenn Rogers | Coaching a Curated Lifestyle

Jenn was, is, and will forever be a teacher. In her mind, a teacher is someone who cannot resist and does not tire of sharing life-changing, joyful news with anyone that will listen. A good teacher also creates a safe environment for people to explore and most importantly, to make mistakes. Even at a very young age, her grandest childhood dream involved owning a chalkboard so she could play school with her siblings and cousins. One of her favorite childhood toys was “The Talkboy” (cassette player/recorder made famous by Kevin McCallister in Home Alone 2) because it made sharing so dynamic and fun.

Originally from New York, Jenn moved to Seoul in 2014 where she finished a three-year stint as an English teacher. She settled into her new life with her new husband, new home and new “funemployment” status in the country where she thought she’d never stay past a year. Despite sounding like an ideal situation, she found herself struggling to adjust to all the changes. To make matters worse, all of the close friends she made in Korea left to go back home to the states.

Though a long-time, avid YouTube watcher, it was during this time of adjustment when she started to really notice the meaningful connections being made with strangers from across the world, who were generously sharing their lives. So, she decided to start her own channel.

At first, the goal of her channel was mainly to keep in touch with her family and friends in the US. She started out documenting her newlywed life with her husband and then branched out to share her affinity for beauty products. She started realizing that the connections she was seeking were only magnified by the act of sharing on YouTube. On December 8, 2015, she challenged herself to vlog every day until the end of the year. She created the video series “Morning Chats with Jenn” in order to recreate one of her favorite environments in the world: getting ready with her friends in the morning after a sleepover, talking about anything and everything as girlfriends do. Morning Chats ultimately became the series through which Jenn cultivates her gift of sharing and storytelling. She shows up bare-faced (something she swore she’d never do!) just to authentically create that safe and warm environment she craves.

So far, her intention really seems to be resonating with her audience. She is amazed at the words of encouragement and vulnerability that people are constantly sharing with her. This deep connection with her viewers along with her own self-discovery process led to an interest in minimalism, careful curation, and non-toxic beauty. She found that although there’s still a lot to be discovered, they all have a strong relation to living a full life that doesn’t come at the expense of others and the environment.

Despite not being an expert, the process of “figuring it out” has only led to a greater connection with her audience… and now to Beauty Heroes! These affirmations continue to fuel a constant evolution of content, and yet, the one thing she’s discovered that remains consistent day after day is her growing sense of gratitude. In learning to live with an attitude of gratitude (of which she documents in a video series titled “Grattitude”) she has discovered something incredibly powerful: Her camera and editing software is the chalkboard she so desperately wanted, and YouTube is now her Talkboy.

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